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The Respectable Lodge St. Elizabeth was registered with the State of New York on May 5th 1999. The Board of Directors is the following: Nadja Adelson-Gordon, President, Luc Perony, Director, Vice-President and Candelon Loiseau, Assistant Director and Executive Vice-president.

In 1997, the Respectable Lodge Ste. Elizabeth Nº 27 was a Feminin Lodge, conducted its meeting in French only, and operated under the charter of “Le Grand College des Sages du Rite Ecossais Ancien & Accepté”. From 1999 - 2001 Ste. Elizabeth lodge separated from “Le Grand College des Sages du Rite Ecossais Ancien & Accepté” has operated independently and became a Mixed Lodge. In March 2001, it joined the Grand lodge Haitienne de St. Jean des Orients d’Outre-Mer and has been operated under its charter. In December 2004, the members of Ste. Elisabeth Lodge petitioned to conduct their meeting in English.  In December 2006, the Grand Lodge has finally authorize the use of French and English in the meetings. The Lodge since then has changed its status from being a French speaking to bilingual (French/English).  In result of  that, Ste. Elisabeth lodge has opened doors to any speaking individual who is interested in joining the Order.

Ste. Elisabeth meets the 4th Sunday of each month.Generally, It holds its monthly meeting at 107-59 Guy Brewer Boulevard, Jamaica, NY.


Trevor Gordon , Worshipful Master

Email: trevorgordon@comcast.net

Worshipful Masters
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